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Harold Phillips

Hair: Brown   Eyes: Blue
Film & Television    
Grimm Dad (Co-Star) Sebastian Silva, Dir.
Leverage Clarence (Co-Star) Dean Devlin, Dir.
Nick Bradley Might Be... James Conrad (Co-Star) Jeremiah Adler, Dir.
God Shaped Hole Rich Bellam (Lead) Michael Friedrichs, Dir.
Cold Therapy Dr. Durere (Lead) Eric Vecchi, Dir.
Backtrack 2.0 Man in White/ Black (Lead) Jake Kennedy, Dir.
Animus Cross Henry Foray (Lead) A.L. Steen, Dir.
The Outbreak James (Lead) Chris Lund, Dir.
Walter Ate A Peanut Brother-in-Law (Lead) Robin Willis, Dir.
Lady Wasteland Henry (Lead) Mark Roush, Dir.
The Long Way Dad (Supporting) Trudy Sargent, Dir.
Bad Exorcists Mr. Biggs (Supporting) Kyle Steinbach, Dir.
The Dark Place Steven Dark (Supporting) J.T. Tepnapa, Dir.
The Falls/ The Falls II
        The Falls III
Tom (Supporting) Jon Garcia, Dir.
Company of Thieves The Priest (Supporting) Shilpa Sunthankar, Dir.
Utopia Levi (Supporting) Ian Stout, Dir.
Future Perfect Derek (Supporting) Marc Steele, Dir.
Little Blue Pill Detective (Supporting) Aaron Godfred, Dir.
The Bicyclists Father (Supporting) Carl Jameson, Dir.
Crackin' The Code Nick (Supporting) Steve Coker, Dir.
Commercials and Industrials
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